Smart-tinting glass system

The world’s most advanced natural light management system. Excessive heat and glare are a thing of the past. Discover and experience the new definition of comfort.

A new way of living indoors

The new standard for comfort
Block heat and glare

The new standard for comfort

Halio transitions from transparent to fully tinted in less than three minutes, blocking out the glare of direct sunlight and sharply reducing the amount of solar energy entering your home. Halio also provides privacy when needed and protects works of art and furnishings from sun damage.

Inspiring Designs
Inspiring design

Inspiring Designs

Imagine designing a sanctuary of light, where occupants enjoy all the benefits of natural light while staying connected to the outside world, all without any need for blinds. In its clear state, Halio is perfectly neutral and transparent. We’ve removed the obstacles to truly inspirational architectural creations.

Build a greener future
Green building

Build a greener future

Halio maximises a building’s energy efficiency, enabling savings of up to 20% on HVAC expenditure without compromising comfort. Halio contributes to LEED, BREEAM, HQE, and other building certifications. Halio, the new standard for green, sustainable, healthy and responsive building design.

Increase your building's value

Increase your building's value

Investing in Halio means investing in the future value of your building. Natural light has a positive impact on employee productivity and well-being, so it is no wonder that it is one of the top criteria for tenants and has a direct effect on rental values.

Our applications


Create Sanctuaries of Natural Light

We all have an intrinsic affinity for natural light, which is essential for our wellbeing. This explains why glass is a compelling element in most innovative architectural creations. Halio is paving the way for more precise control over daylight, enhancing the comfort, privacy, and energy-efficiency of our spaces.

Cloud-connected windows

Halio connects to the cloud to optimise your comfort! Halio can harness its superb connectivity to transition from perfectly clear to perfectly tinted automatically or on command via an app, remote control or voice command.

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