Building automation: a new 360 management for a commercial building


Building automation: centralize the management of your building for a more responsible consumption

Being a combination of the words building and home automation, building automation refers to smart buildings in which technology is used to serve its users. However, home automation is generally intended for residential buildings. But the building automation also has a commercial and industrial scope. In such buildings, you will find devices that collect different data. For example breakdowns, the functioning state of various types of equipment, temperature measurements, etc. These measurements then help the technicians improve the quality of the building. In short: the building automation combines working comfort, energy savings and technology.

Why making a facility with building automation? 

A building that combines comfort and new technologies can be ideal in many areas. Among the sectors in which building automation benefits the most, you find among others:

  • The healthcare sector. The high-performance devices used in the medical field indeed make it possible to improve the comfort of all patients and the medical staff. In addition, gathering information on the general operation of medical devices increases the performance of the clinic.
  • Shared workspaces. Technology benefits both employees and employers. Working in optimized conditions, as it is the case in such a building, can improve the ability to concentrate, reduce the stress rate, etc. This also results in an increase in the overall productivity of all people working inside the building.

In addition to improving working abilities, a considerable advantage of the building automation is to centralize the management of a large building. This makes it easier to identify and respond to a problem than in a traditional building. For example, if a meeting screen often fails, the building automation system reports it. You then know that the defective device needs to be replaced.

Building automation to reduce the energy consumption of a facility

Thanks to its technology, you can reduce unnecessary energy losses. The measurements taken by the central system allow you, for example, to identify faults in the insulation system. The measurements also help you find appliances that consume too much energy.

Therefore, centralizing the management of your facility will make you save energy. And this smart system allows you to reduce the carbon footprint of your building.

Halio Glass and smart glazing: for smart management of your facade

In the same vein as the smart management of an entire building, Halio Glass allows you to take control of its internal brightness. With Halio you have the opportunity to integrate your facade with the rest of the building automation management. Halio glass is a smart glass. Via a sensor placed on the facade of a building, it captures the sunlight and adapts its behaviour accordingly. You should no longer include a mechanical sun protection system, which is often expensive to maintain. Everything is included inside the glass. The glazing can tint itself, but you can also adjust it manually using our application.

Our intelligent glazing system allows you to no longer use blinds or curtains. Result: a more beautiful light indoors. You will be able to reduce the electricity consumption of your offices. Furthermore, the thermal and acoustic insulation of Halio glass prevents any loss of heat and any spurious noise.

Do you want to build the facilities of tomorrow? Then think about your facade. Get in touch with us now to bring your projects to life.