Connected glass: the solution for any type of glazing


Connected glass: the solution for a glazing that overheats

You want to install a glazing or a veranda in a living space or a workspace? It seems to be the ideal solution to bring natural light inside deep and very dimly lit rooms. However, are you afraid that the summer will be terrible and that the indoor temperature will become unsustainable? There are several solutions to avoid an overheating of the glazing. Among these, you will find the connected glass of Halio Glass. This smart glazing lets you enjoy natural light throughout the day without suffering from the vagaries of a dazzling sun.

Overheating of glazing and veranda: a well-known problem

Because the structure of a glazing or a veranda is essentially made of glass, being inside this type of space often becomes unbearable once the heat has settled. To overcome this, some solutions already exist. For example: build a glazing or veranda from opaque materials; build a “Provencal well” at the base of the room; invest in blackout blinds, etc.

Nevertheless, none of these solutions allows you to fully enjoy an open and fresh living space in any season.

On the one hand, building a glazing with an opaque roof and floor-to-ceiling windows prevents you from having a really open area in your interior. On the other hand, the “Provencal well” only brings you a few degrees less. In summer it is always very hot in your glazing. And blackout blinds, although removable, also prevent you from having access to a beautiful light during the day.

Are you looking for a complete solution to enjoy the sun ? All this without heat and where no maintenance is required ? Therefore, the connected glass of Halio Glass is certainly your best solution.

Connected glass: ideal for homes

The connected glass is a totally transparent glass. It is therefore in a quite similar shape to that of standard glass. The difference between normal glass and connected glass lies in the ability of the connected glass to tint smartly according to the external brightness. For example: in summer, when the sun is beating on your window, the smart glass will become opaquer by itself. In this way, it prevents light and heat from entering your glazing. In its darkest state, the glass blocks up to 95% of the external heat.

The smart glass produced by Halio Glass can take up to 9 different shades during the day and in the night. You can just as easily choose to let it nuance itself or to adjust it manually. Thanks to the application or to the Halio remote control, you can adjust everything remotely in a jiffy.

Halio is considered a smart glass because its sensors are connected to the CLOUD. Using a powerful algorithm, the data is used to tell the glass when to tint or not in order to maximize the comfort of the occupant.

Connected glass in office and commercial building

Just like for glazing or for a veranda, the summer can be daunting for people working in a fully glazed building. Halio solutions are also intended for businesses, office spaces, facilities and buildings. Smart glass technology can be useful if you want to invest in the construction of large glass towers.

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