Dynamic glass : for a smarter insulation of your building


Do you own a commercial facility, a building or a glass construction? Are you about to invest in the construction of a building? First of all, think about the well-being of its occupants and your budget. Combine comfort of occupation and reduced energy losses thanks to the dynamic glass of Halio Glass. This smart glass allows natural light to fully enter. All this while preventing the heat from rushing into the building. The Halio glass is your best solution for a perfect facade.

Dynamic glass in a nutshell

The technology used to develop our glazing is called electrochromism. In short: Halio glass is continuously connected to a sensor placed on the facade of your building. The sensor detects the intensity of sunlight and forwards the information to the glass. It is then dyed in a smart way depending on the sunlight or your usage preferences. Therefore, during the summer, the stronger the sun the opaquer the glass becomes. In winter, since natural brightness is scarcer, the glass remains mostly transparent.

But dynamic glass can also be adjusted manually. For example, if you are in a meeting room and want to start an on-screen presentation, you can opacify the glass to suit your needs.

What’s more, Halio’s dynamic glass can record your preferences according to the times of the day and your habits. If, for example, you make the glass opaquer every day at 5:00 p.m., the glass will tint itself around this time.

The advantages of Halio glass in terms of insulation

One of the great benefits of Halio glass is its impact on your energy consumption. In summer, thanks to Halio you will be less dependent on cooling or ventilation systems. When the sun hits your windows, Halio in its darkest state blocks 95% of the incoming heat. Although protected from heat and glare, you keep an unobstructed view to the outside, unlike the hindered view you have with blinds. You reduce your need for air conditioning and artificial light.

Dynamic glass: also an asset for productivity

Did you know that a better exposure to natural light helps to:

  • Increase the productivity of the occupants of the space;
  • Reduce stress problems;
  • Boost the general feeling of well-being;

With Halio glass, the occupants of a building receive more natural daylight. More comfort thanks to a better luminosity and an unhindered view allows them to be more efficient in their work. Unlike blackout blinds, Halio glass preserves your connection to the outside.

Do you want to discover how to transform your project thanks to dynamic glass? Then do not hesitate and contact Halio Glass. Together we will create the buildings of tomorrow.