Smart blind – The future is in electrochromic glass with Halio


Smart blind: Why are classic blinds a thing of the past?

There are a variety of options when it comes to smart blinds or classic blinds :

  • Venetian blinds ;
  • Roman blinds ;
  • Californian blinds ;
  • Pleated blinds ;
  • And many more …

Whether manual or mechanical, it is often associated with high maintenance costs.  But above all, all these solutions have a major disadvantage: conventional blinds block natural light and prevent a direct view on the outside.

With Halio Glass, you get all the ambient brightness without being dazzled by the sunrays. Better than a smart blind, the connected glass is your new ally to ensure optimal interior comfort.

All the disadvantages of a smart blind or a classic blind solved by the Halio glazing 

Among the main disadvantages of the blinds are:

  • The clogging and the accumulation of dust ;
  • It blocks natural light ;
  • It hinders the view ;
  • In an office we often forget to stand up to put them back up ;
  • The fragility of the mechanisms in the case of automated blinds ;

HALIO, thanks to the electrochromic technology can answer to all these problems with a simple concept:   less is more.  In short: everything is included inside the glazing.

Your comfort ally! Unlike conventional blinds, Halio glazing offers a multitude of options to suit your needs precisely. Thanks to sensors, it automatically knows when to tint or not, and adjusts the required intensity. Ideal for protecting you from glare and overheating while keeping an unobstructed view to the outside. Without any required maintenance, the intelligent system is automatically updated and evolves with your building.


A solution to Smart Blind

And if you like to keep control, we have the solution! Thanks to the Halio Glass app or the remote control, you can control everything manually.

What’s more, the connected Halio glass brings you:

  • A tint selector, which is in the form of a very easy-to-configure device. This allows you to comfortably control a single window or a set of windows previously configured to be grouped.
  • A voice control system, which allows you to control the tint of your glass through your voice assistant. For example, Halio is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, etc.
  • The recording of your habits, which therefore implies that your glass remembers your hue preferences according to the time and selection of the pre-recorded window in your application. In short: Halio can keep track of your usage habits.

And much more

In addition to the comfort of use, the electrochromic glass allows you to benefit from all the natural light compared to a classic blind. So you keep the benefits of ambient brightness without feeling dazzled.

Natural light is very important every day, both in a residential building as well as in a commercial building. Among the benefits of natural light, you will find :

  • Greater ability to concentrate ;
  • Increased productivity ;
  • A feeling of energy ;
  • Rise of your well-being ;
  • Better focus ;

What’s more, opting for Halio glazing means that you do not have to worry about curtains and blinds. You limit the number of items to add on your facade or around your windows, everything is included in the electrochromic glazing. In short, the Halio system is much more comfortable, easier to install and to use than traditional blinds.

So, smart blind or connected glass?

If you want to combine comfort of use and increase your well-being, opt instead for Halio Glass. We offer Halio technology to buildings such as train stations, airports, hospitals, cultural facilities, buildings, offices, etc.

Interested in our technology? Contact us now to get a tailored quote for the installation of your smart glazing. We will answer you as soon as possible, with a price estimate and installation suggestions for your project.


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