Smart building: rethink your facade with Halio Glass


The transformation of a smart building also passes through its facade

The smart building aims to increase the well-being of its occupants by using technology. Optimization of spaces, control of the ambient temperature, recording of the habits of the occupants are, to name a few, tools used in this type of construction. But a smart building also has a second purpose: to reduce its carbon footprint. Thanks to the electrochromic technology provided by Halio Glass, the facades of new buildings will make it possible both to increase the living comfort of their occupants and to reduce their energy consumption.

Rethink the facade of your smart building

Have you really thought about every aspect of your new construction? The facade too can be a key element in the buildings of tomorrow. Halio Glass uses electrochromic technology to make the workplace a truly exceptional place.

The connected Halio glass is connected to an external sensor that measures the intensity of the outside light. Depending on the information transmitted by the sensor, the lens then adjusts its hue to natural exposure. For example, on a sunny day, the glass will naturally take on a darker shade. Its purpose? To ensure that the occupants of a building can enjoy all the benefits of natural light. All this without suffering from glare or uncomfortable heat. In total, there are 9 different shades that Halio glass offers. Intelligent glazing can also be adjusted with the fingertips thanks to the Halio app and remote control.

In addition to regulating itself automatically, the colour of our glass can be adjusted manually depending on the room in which you are. Therefore, in a conference room, you can choose to darken the room in the blink of an eye, always via the remote control or the Halio app.

A smart system that learns your habits

The Cloud Halio saves your habits and allows you to always optimize your comfort. In other words, it records your preferences according to the time of the day and shades its hue by itself after several uses.

With the Halio app, you can also form groups of windows, and shade only those of your choice whenever you want. If, for example, you find that the windows of a south-facing workroom are too bright during the afternoon, you do not have to change them one by one. You only need to create your window set once. Afterwards, you can darken them very easily.

The smart building: a building that combines technology and ecology

The smart building is not only for the sole purpose of increasing the well-being of its occupants. It also aims to always respect the environment. Halio technology also allows you to reduce the ecological impact of your building. The connected glass is a very good insulator. It has also made its proofs during hot summer days as well as during icy winter evenings.

By letting in natural light, you also use less electricity. No need to leave the light on all day because large windows are very effective to illuminate a space.

Are you a real estate investor looking to build a smart building? Then get in touch with us! Together, we will develop your ideas for a smarter and ever more evolved building.