Smart glass: the light and its impact on your work


The importance of being exposed to natural light is well established. Decreased stress, improved sleep and increase of productivity are just some of the benefits from exposure to outdoor light. Thanks to the smart glass, occupants of a building can be exposed to this light much more than with conventional windows.

Let in the light with the smart glass from Halio Glass 

In many buildings and facilities, architects have preferred the installation of conventional windows. Result: we must also install blinds to filter the sun rays. In short: the occupants of the building only benefit from little or only poor access to outside light. As a consequence, many people expose themselves to poor working conditions. Headaches settle in and eye pain accompanies them. Decrease of productivity, feeling of ill-being at work or prostrated posture result from this lack of luminosity.

But with the smart glass produced by Halio Glass, you can quickly overcome this type of problem. The windows with Halio Glass’ electrochromic technology let in natural light fully. Our windows tint themselves depending on the external brightness. Result: the occupants of the building are exposed all day to the outside light. Smart glass automatically turns darker if the sun is strong. Therefore, workers are not dazzled by the sunrays.

The benefits of natural light on the job 

The outside light provides an overall feeling of well-being. By being exposed to this brightness, we feel better. Some of the beneficial effects of good exposure to light include:

  • A rise in productivity. Workers are more efficient and faster in their daily tasks.
  • A decrease of people burning out. The sun and the light both have a positive effect on morale, which in turn boosts well-being at work. The number of burnt-out employees has reduced thanks to good exposure.
  • The decline in the rate of absenteeism. It has been noted that workers exposed more often to light are generally more present at their workplace.

In the healthcare sector, even patients can feel the beneficial effects of this light. They recover more quickly and in the longer term after a hospitalization. What’s more, the hospital staff is more efficient and more smiling. In short, the sun benefits both patients and the medical staff.

Install Halio Glass’ smart glass

You are a real estate investor and you want to build a facility? Or do you have several buildings that you want to render more efficient? Do not neglect the positive effects of sunshine. Halio windows can be installed right now on your facade. The Halio glass finds its place on any type of building. Museum, train station, hospital, commercial building, etc. We can assist you in shaping the urban landscape of tomorrow.

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