Smart window : make your view the major asset of your office


Do you have an extraordinary view from your office but it is often blocked by blinds? Do you think you are running out of natural light and would you like to be able to enjoy it more? What if you were told that with advanced technology, the electrochromic technology, there are solutions to modernize your building? Among those, you will find the Halio smart window. Discover the benefits of smart glazing for your facility right now.

The smart window: an opening to the outside

Who has not dreamed of having a breath-taking view of the entire city? Thanks to the Halio Glass windows this is now possible from your desk. Our windows, completely neutral in their clear state, allow you to admire the complete view from the inside. All this without ever being disturbed by the heat or being dazzled.

To enable you to enjoy an unparalleled panorama all day long, the smart glass is automatically or manually tinted to maximize natural daylight in your office while ensuring your comfort. You will never be dazzled by the sunrays.

In short: smart glass provides you with the most beautiful view you can have from your desk.

More light for more productivity

Several studies show that good exposure to natural light increases the productivity of the occupants of the building. Being all day indoors facing small windows and blackout blinds does not help to feel good about one’s workplace. On the contrary, by installing smart windows you contribute to the well-being of all occupants of the facility.

Although glass is becoming more and more common in modern projects, architects often associate it with additional difficulties to ensure comfort. The project must generally include a series of items to protect the building and its occupants from the sun. Items that weigh down the design, complicate the project as well as its construction.

All of these limitations are now problems of the past thanks to Halio’s smart windows. The glazing is tinted spontaneously according to the amount of sun outside. Thanks to a sensor that measures the rate of sunshine, the glass detects the moments when the rays are strong and the glass turns an opaquer shade. Finally, the smart window allows you to enjoy a magnificent view and natural light without getting dazzled or feeling like in a greenhouse.

The smart window: also in other types of building

It is not only in the work offices that the Halio window finds its place. For example, the virtues of natural light in everyday life have been recognized as contributing to the healing of patients in hospitals. By letting the sun in, you also increase the patients’ speed of healing. The Halio glazing is also useful for museums, exhibition venues, etc. because it contributes to the best conservation of the artworks while allowing the visitors to admire them fully.

Would you want to know more about Halio glass and its usage? Don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment to talk about your projects and your constructions. Together we will find the most suitable solution for what you are looking for.