Dynamic Glass : FAQ

Yes, Halio can tint and clear automatically, manually or integrated with a building automation system. But you can always manually override the automatic settings using a wall switch if you want. Learn more about the control system.

Yes, since Halio improves your building’s energy efficiency, it can contribute to most environmental certifications, such as LEED (up to 41 points), BREEAM (up to 48 points), HQE (up to 6 performance targets) and many others.

Halio Match was specially developed to match Halio in the clear state. This enables you to create a perfect look for your facade even if you combine dynamic and non-dynamic solutions.

Yes. In its tinted state, Halio protects you from UV radiation and protects your furnishings and interiors from fading or bleaching.

Halio Black provides near total privacy since it transmits less than 0.1% of visible light in its darkest state. You can always see the outdoors, though it’s nearly impossible to see inside the room.

Halio can be used for facades or partitions. You can use this solution wherever you want to optimise daylight and enjoy the view. Halio is the right choice for commercial, institutional and even residential buildings, where it will significantly improve the comfort of occupants and the energy performances of your building.

Compared to other dynamic glass solutions, Halio is unique thanks to its colour and clarity. Halio is indistinguishable from conventional glass in its clear state, and it tints to neutral, cool greys. Halio boasts the fastest transition, becoming visible within 20 seconds and taking less than three minutes to reach its darkest state. Halio tints and clears evenly, ensuring that all intermediate levels of shading are usable.

Shades, blinds, and curtains are designed to block glare and excessive heat caused by the sun. Motorised shades are often necessary options for hard-to-reach windows and for simple convenience. Curtains, shades, and blinds can be expensive and generate high maintenance costs but also block natural light and views excessively. Halio blocks out light and solar heat, but not the view – for which you most likely paid a hefty premium. Halio can also provide daytime privacy. So yes, with Halio, window treatments is completely optional – a decorative choice rather than a necessity.

The total cost of ownership for Halio Glass is generally equivalent or lower to the cost of low-e insulated glass because its use eliminates the need for shading systems and their associated costs, in most cases. And the use of smaller HVAC systems running less frequently can reduce your energy costs, as well.

Comparing glass-to-glass costs doesn’t present an adequate comparison. One must look at the full picture which includes reduction of energy expenditure, preservation of view, and increased energy efficiency.

Halio offers competitive pricing for solar control use cases in buildings.
Pricing depends mostly on the building configuration and the options selected by the building owner. Contact our sales teams who will help you optimise your budget.


The operating voltage of Halio is 48V. Halio consumes 14W during transition and 1W at rest. For Halio Black the operating voltage is 48V and it consumes 28W during transition and 2W at rest.

We guarantee the Halio insulated glazing up to 10 years as well as electrochromic functionality and coatings. The electronics carry a five-year warranty.

Halio is a patented multi-layered device that is laminated onto glass. The device tints when it receives an electrical charge, and it reverts to a clear state when the voltage is reversed. The electrical charge can be automated or it can be triggered on command.

If the main power goes down, Halio can use its battery to execute up to five full transitions.

We can deliver rectangles and squares.

We provide standard sized panels up to 1.5 x 3 meters. We work closely with our customers to meet other size requirements.

It matters because a wonderfully bright room can quickly become uncomfortably hot and blinding with glare as the earth moves on its axis or as the weather changes. Anything longer than three minutes can seem interminable when the sun is beating down on you – whether you’re in an office trying to concentrate or in a hospital room trying to sleep. As soon as Halio starts tinting (within 15 seconds), you’ll begin to feel the effects of the light changing.

With electrochromic glass such as Halio, you eliminate the need for shading devices that block your connection with the outdoors. Halio is also energy efficient, allowing you to cut your HVAC costs by up to 20%. Our cutting-edge technology is the solution for enjoying natural daylight and an outdoor view while simultaneously controlling glare and solar heat.