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Maximise daylight and views. No compromise.


Halio is perfect for your facades. In its neutral state, it is indistinguishable from regular glass. Make the most of your view with a colour rendering index of 97% and enjoy the best of natural light with 65% light transmission. When tinted to its darkest state, light transmission is slashed to 2% and 95% of solar heat is blocked.

Halio Black

Halio Black is ideal for interior applications, the perfect solution when you need confidential spaces. Halio Black is the darker version of Halio. It can block up to 99.9% of light and give you the privacy you need. It is also suitable for facades.


Halio Glass

Halio Match

Halio Match is the final touch for ensuring impeccable aesthetics. Wherever Halio technology is not needed you can simply use Halio Match, our static glass with a perfect coating that makes all your facades completely uniform in the clear state.

Halio Driver

The Halio Driver intelligently powers and controls each IGU or LGU, ensuring that desired tint levels are achieved quickly, efficiently and reliably. When the Halio Driver receives instructions to tint its respective IGU or LGU, it supplies the precise electrical profile required to achieve the desired tint level.

Halio Gateway

The Halio Gateway provides a secure connection between the local Halio smart-tinting system and the Halio Cloud services. The Halio Gateway receives and distributes automation information.

Halio Energy Management Module

The Halio Energy Management Module ensures that Halio window performance is fast and efficient. It also eases the load on a building’s energy system while providing backup power during power failures.

Our Awards

European Product design Award

Silver Prize Winner in the Illumination/Use of Natural Light category.
product innovation awards

Product Innovation Award (PIA)

Product Innovation Award (PIA) in the Specialty Glazing category

Smart Glass New Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan

2017 North American Smart Glass New Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan
Environment + Energy Leader Awards 2020 Product

Environment + Energy Leader Awards

2020 Top Product of the Year Award by Environment + Energy Leader Awards

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