Inside Smart Buildings of Today


Buildings are getting smarter. Today, materials have embedded technology that enable them to make decisions about how the building should operate more efficiently. Additionally, IoT (Internet of Things) platform allows a building manager to make decisions related to a building’s performance based on realtime data and insights. All of this is coming together to help create smarter buildings.

Case in point: Kinestral Technologies, a provider of smart-tinting glass technologies, and AGC Glass, a manufacturer of flat glass, are working together and have formed a new joint companies—Halio North America and Halio Intl.

For construction, this means new smart-tinting glass will help create indoor environments that are healthier, greener, and smarter. This particular glass leverages next-generation electrochromic technology. The tinting can also be fully automated and the automation can be overridden with several manual control options, including a mobile app, a wireless selector, and a desktop application.

The smart-tinting glass can also integrate with a number of the building and home automation systems available today.

While this is one example of how materials are evolving, a number of companies are introducing new applications designed specifically to improve operations performance management.

One new example is ThoughtWire announced today the availability of five new applications to help both real estate owners and hospitals improve operations and offer better patient outcomes.

With solutions such as this, building owners are able to leverage data from IoT devices and sensors to make more informed decisions and take action via mobile applications. Building managers can also reduce overall operating costs, improve energy efficiency, and increase the value of an asset.