Property & Technology: 2018 A Year in Review

The Urban Developer

Over the course of the year property technology, or proptech in short – was omnipresent, with developers, investors and city shapers looking to capitalise on new innovations in order to transform the way we communicate, commute, consume and create.

Technology has enhanced globalisation, provided market transparency as well as expedited business processes; all areas which have heavily benefitted the property sector.

Over 2018 there has been a dramatic acceleration in investors’ and property owners’ appetite to try new tech to see what impact it can have on the property industry with a fundamental shift in the sentiment for tech amongst real estate players.

Revisit some of the stories that shaped the technology landscape around the Australian property industry this year.

Smart Tinting Glass Starts Large-Scale Production

Californian-based Kinestral Technologies commenced mass manufacturing its patented smart-tinting glass at its newly-opened factory in Miaoli, Taiwan. The newly opened The 10,000sq m facility would enable the creation of to 38,000sq m of the company’s flagship product Halio per year.