Halio Glass Smart Windows: Our news

  • Connected glass: the solution for any type of glazing

    Connected glass: the solution for a glazing that overheats You want to install a glazing or a veranda in a[...]
    living space or a workspace? It seems to be the ideal solution to bring natural light inside deep and very dimly lit rooms. However, are you afraid that the summer will be terrible and that the indoor temperature will[...]
  • Building automation: a new 360 management for a commercial building

    Building automation: centralize the management of your building for a more responsible consumption Being a combination of the words building[...]
    and home automation, building automation refers to smart buildings in which technology is used to serve its users. However, home automation is generally intended for residential buildings. But the building automation also has a commercial and industrial scope. In[...]
  • Smart building: rethink your facade with Halio Glass

    The transformation of a smart building also passes through its facade The smart building aims to increase the well-being[...]
    of its occupants by using technology. Optimization of spaces, control of the ambient temperature, recording of the habits of the occupants are, to name a few, tools used in this type of construction. But a smart building also has[...]
  • Bioclimatic architecture: let in light with Halio Glass

    What is bioclimatic architecture? Bioclimatic architecture is a field of architecture. Its goal is to optimize a building to take[...]
    advantage of the outdoor environment. It aims to use conditions such as climate, natural light, nature and geography... in order to maximize the well-being of the occupants of a building. Numerous studies have shown that these elements have a direct[...]
  • Smart blind – The future is in electrochromic glass with Halio

    Smart blind: Why are classic blinds a thing of the past? There are a variety of options when it comes[...]
    to smart blinds or classic blinds : Venetian blinds ; Roman blinds ; Californian blinds ; Pleated blinds ; And many more ... Whether manual or mechanical, it is often associated with high maintenance costs.  But above all, all these solutions[...]
  • Electrochromic glazing : the benefits of smart glazing

    The advantages of electrochromic glazing The advantages of electrochromic glazing are numerous, both in the industrial and residential sectors. It[...]
    allows to limit the number of elements present on the facade. It also allows the occupants of a building to benefit from natural light without having to suffer from glare or heat. Electrochromic glazing means smart glazing. It is[...]
  • Electrochromic glass: working principle and usage in construction

    Electrochromic glass : what is it ? Electrochromic glass is a smart glass, which is tinted automatically or manually to optimize[...]
    the comfort of the occupants. Thanks to a powerful algorithm, it can adapt to the outside environment to maximize natural light indoors and therefore control glare and heat. Electrochromic technology has several control methods. It can regulate itself, automatically. But[...]
  • Optimise natural light for enhanced health and well-being

    Studies show that optimal natural light in healthcare facilities not only has a beneficial impact on patients, but also[...]
    on medical staff Halio® is a smart-tinting window solution that delivers full, smart control over incoming light, without the need for invasive shading systems that can potentially become contaminated. Natural light supports patient health Natural light contributes to patient well-being and health. Research[...]
  • Avondzon and Halio: a luminous alliance!

    Avondzon becomes Belgium’s leading residential care centre equipped with Halio smart glazing. Controlling natural light is absolutely vital, as it[...]
    has such a profound impact on our health and well-being. Research has shown that exposure to daylight has an extremely positive impact on human beings. Since natural light is so critical to our well-being, healthcare centres do well to reap[...]
  • Smart-Tinting Glass technology – an innovative “green solution” for the tropics

    SINGAPORE, 26 September 2019 – Halio International today has released the results of a full-scale real-world laboratory test on[...]
    Halio® electrochromic glazing (EC) technology or known as smart-tinting glass, conducted by the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N) at BCA SkyLab in 2018. The test aimed to understand Halio’s impact on glare control, occupant comfort and[...]
  • Smart-tinting glass paves the future of building facades in Asia

    For building occupants, daylight glare is one of the major challenges in highly glazed office buildings in Singapore and[...]
    the tropics. The common solution is to bring down manual or motorised blinds. However, these conventional solutions hamper daylight harvesting and related energy savings potential in attempts of eliminating glare. https://youtu.be/S8Td3XO3dCo As more buildings are constructed with glass, thermal properties of[...]
  • Is smart glass a missed opportunity for the smart city?

    Smart Cities Dive
    Windows are the most obvious yet neglected aspect of connected buildings when it comes to making smarter living and[...]
    working spaces. Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Craig Henricksen, vice president of product & marketing at Kinestral Technologies, Inc. From San Diego to Singapore, Columbus, OH to Copenhagen, municipalities have been making a variety of smart city moves, all[...]
  • Halio’s smart-tinting glass system gives unprecedented control over natural light

    Architects' Journal
    HALIO Smart-Tinting Glass System can help bring the benefits of natural light to healthcare and wellbeing projects Natural light is[...]
    an essential ingredient to life and vital for our wellbeing. We tend to gravitate towards sources of natural light in our workplaces, our social and our living spaces. This is why glass is such a compelling element in many[...]
  • Halio® Brings the Future of Smart Cities to Thailand

    SINGAPORE/BANGKOK, THAILAND – 26 April 2019 – Halio International will be bringing Halio® smart-tinting glass system to Thailand at[...]
    Architect’19, ASEAN’s largest building technology expo, from 30 April to 5 May 2019. In line with the event’s theme, ‘Living Green’, Halio will demonstrate how smart-tinting windows can not only reduce glare and block unwanted solar heat but improve[...]
  • Is your window ‘smart’ enough to fight rising heatwaves?

    Enterprise Innovation
    On a per capita basis in Asean, Singapore has the highest consumption of electricity as well as the highest[...]
    installed rate of air-conditioning and, by 2040, could account for up to 40% of Asean’s electricity demand, up from 25% currently. Keeping cool is undoubtedly a priority in the tropical island state. While there are around 1.2 billion room air-conditioning units[...]
  • MIPIM: 8 of the best innovations from the exhibition floor

    A selection of the best uses of tech to be found at MIPIM this year. Schindler The Swiss lift manufacturer has[...]
    the biggest and best stand in the innovation forum boasting a circular movie screen, hologram-like animations of the latest products and even staff in natty outfits down to their box-fresh red Adidas training shoes. Schindler Ahead launches in the[...]
  • Property & Technology: 2018 A Year in Review

    The Urban Developer
    Over the course of the year property technology, or proptech in short – was omnipresent, with developers, investors and[...]
    city shapers looking to capitalise on new innovations in order to transform the way we communicate, commute, consume and create. Technology has enhanced globalisation, provided market transparency as well as expedited business processes; all areas which have heavily benefitted the[...]
  • The A to Z of 2019 tech trends

    TechTrade Asia
    R is for retrofitting, and other smart city misconceptions David Yim, Sales and Marketing Senior Manager, Halio International, sees advantages for existing buildings[...]
    to be retrofitted with advanced technology in 2019, turning them greener and smarter. “The potential for application of the IoT in commercial real estate is immense as the technology exists, but adoption rate lags as the industry perception remains that[...]
  • 10 sustainable products we found at Greenbuild 2018

    Products Magazine
    Greenbuild, the largest annual conference and expo for sustainable construction, set up shop in Chicago this year, where we[...]
    found 10 products that are pushing the envelope for innovation and efficiency. The show, which took place November 14-16 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, drew thousands of builders, architects, designers, and leaders working in the green building space. Presented by the U.S. Green[...]
  • Daylight Control

    Designer Concept
    Halio is a smart-tinting glass that delivers unprecedented control over penetrating natural light without compromising on the beneficial qualities[...]
    of conventional glass. Halio’s perfectly neutral and transparent aspect allows natural light to fully penetrate the interior, while tinted, it takes on an elegant, neutral colour as it transitions from a clear glass window to a dark tint, and[...]
  • Brussels Rail Station Project to Use Halio Smart Tinting Glass in its 600 Windows

    SCM Inventa
    A major renovation of Belgian commercial’s train station will use Halio’s smart tinting glass to enhance lighting management of[...]
    its building, making a first major project for company. Halio International announced that its smart tinting glass had been selected for use in the Gare Maritime station. The glass will be used in the windows for the two large[...]
  • Smart-Tinting Glass Available in Malaysia

    SCM Inventa
    Halio International announced that its smart-tinting glass will be available in Malaysia from July onwards to enable glass to[...]
    tint, reducing glare and blocking unwanted solar heat – automatically or on demand. In a press statement, the company stated that its product looks just like clear glass until it tints to shades of grey to deliver thermal and[...]
  • Gare Maritime at the Historic Tour & Taxis Site Will Feature Halio to Reduce Glare

    Design Construct & Build
    Halio International today announced that Halio smart-tinting glass has been selected for use in the renovation of Gare Maritime,[...]
    a turn-of-the-century commercial train station in Brussels, Belgium. It’s the first major project to specify the patented Halio system.
  • Inside Smart Buildings of Today

    Buildings are getting smarter. Today, materials have embedded technology that enable them to make decisions about how the building[...]
    should operate more efficiently. Additionally, IoT (Internet of Things) platform allows a building manager to make decisions related to a building’s performance based on realtime data and insights. All of this is coming together to help create smarter buildings. Case[...]
  • Halio Smart-Tinting Glass System is the 2018 Silver Prize Winner in the European Product Design Award’s Illumination/Natural Light Category

    Brussels, 24 July 2018 – Halio International today announced that the Halio™ Smart-Tinting Glass System is this year’s Silver Prize[...]
    Winner in the Illumination/Use of Natural Light category. The European Product Design Award was created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. Winner’s announcement and[...]
  • Chic & Smart Space-Saving Solutions

    Singapore Home & Decor
    Not having enough space is a common issue faced by many homeowners. Here are some innovative ideas on how[...]
    to ensure that you will always have room for everyone in the family and all the things you need.
  • 5 innovative solutions to make your home “smarter”

    First Classe
    There are Hermès and Gucci home collections to perk up your living space, next-level appliances to clean your home from the inside out, and top[...]
    gaming hardware to build the ultimate game room. Now what your home could use is a bit of brains. Think security systems that alert you when your children’s nanny or dog-walker comes over, bathtubs that auto-fill at your preferred water level[...]
  • Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Brings the Future to Malaysia

    SINGAPORE– June 27, 2018 – Halio International announced that Halio™ smart-tinting glass system will be launched in Malaysia at Archidex 2018,[...]
    Southeast Asia’s leading exhibition for the architecture, interior design, and building industry from 4 to 7 July at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Featuring next-generation electrochromic technologies, Halio enables glass to tint, reducing glare and blocking unwanted solar heat[...]
  • Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Selected for Renovation Project in Brussels

    US Glass Magazine
    Halio smart-tinting glass has been selected for use in the renovation of Gare Maritime, a turn-of-the-century commercial train station[...]
    in Brussels, Belgium. It is the first large scale deployment of Halio and will be produced at Kinestral Technologies’ new high-volume factory later this year.  The factory is expected to produce several million square feet of Halio each year[...]
  • Halio Smart-tinting Glass to Be Used in Renovation

    Glass Magazine
    Extensa, developer for the renovation of Gare Maritime, a turn-of-the-century commercial train station in Brussels, Belgium, selected Halio smart-tinting glass for[...]
    the project, according Halio to officials. It is the first large scale deployment of Halio and will be produced at Kinestral Technologies Inc.’s new high-volume factory later this year. The factory will produce several million square feet of Halio each year[...]
  • Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Selected for Major Renovation Project in Brussels

    NEW YORK – June 21, 2018 Gare Maritime at the historic Tour & Taxis site will feature Halio to reduce[...]
    glare Halio smart-tinting glass has been selected for use in the renovation of Gare Maritime, a turn-of-the-century commercial train station in Brussels, Belgium, according to Halio North America, LLC and Halio International. It is the first large scale deployment of[...]
  • AGC and Kinestral Technologies Establish Joint Venture Companies to Sell and Service Halio™ Smart-Tinting Glass

    Halio North America and Halio International Now Open for Business HAYWARD, Calif. – June 20, 2018 – Kinestral Technologies, maker[...]
    of Halio™ smart-tinting glass technologies, and AGC, the world’s largest manufacturer of flat glass, today announced that the joint venture companies they formed, Halio North America (HNA) and Halio International (HINT) are now open for business.  HNA and HINT[...]
  • A Case of Glass

    D+A Design and Architecture
    These days, whenever a skyscraper gets built in a city, chances are up to 80 percent of it will[...]
    be clad in glass. “Natural daylight” is the explanation for it, that precious commodity is so important to those thousands of white collar workers toiling away in the tower.
  • Smart Glass: Options for Creating a Sustainable, Glare-free Environment

    We typically spend 90% of their time indoors, though our biology causes us to crave a connection to the[...]
    outdoors and the natural light. This is one reason why we want as many windows as possible. Yet according to the Urban Green Council, 75% of windows, whether commercial or residential, are covered by curtains, shades or blinds that[...]
  • High-latitude Challenges: Designing for daylight

    Construction Specifier
    Daylight and view consistently rank high on a list of desirable attributes in homes, schools, and workplaces. Delivering them,[...]
    however, can be challenging, as there are often competing interests. In an urban context, for example, site constraints often affect building shape, which might force façade orientations problematic for harnessing daylight. For example, downtown Vancouver’s street grid is 45[...]
  • Smart glass turns dark in 3 mins

    The Straits Times
    Halio, a smart-tinting glass system, lets users adjust the tint via a phone or voice. Coming to a window[...]
    near you: glass that turn from clear to dark within minutes with a tap of your mobile phone. No more curtains to keep out the sun or provide privacy and you can still enjoy the view outside.
  • This smart-tinting glass might make blinds and shades a thing of the past

    Lookbox Living
    Kinestral Technologies, Inc. is stirring up the market for tinted windows with the introduction of a new product called Halio.[...]
    Halio is a smart-tinting glass that lets one maximise the amount of natural light coming into the space, while controlling glare and regulating the indoor climate for all day comfort.
  • Halio is a smart glass that can darken on demand within 3 minutes

    Singapore Hardware Zone
    You’ve heard about smart homes, smart speakers, and smart TVs. But what about smart glass? Halio is a new[...]
    smart-tinting glass that has made its way to Singapore. Made by Kinestral Technologies, Halio can tint automatically or on demand. It’s now available for both commercial and residential buildings. Halio is different in a few ways. The glass can[...]
  • Smart-tinting glass: A window to greener Asian cities

    With urbanisation and climate change influencing the development of Asian cities, building materials like glass need to evolve and[...]
    utilize innovations in technology to bring about a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.
  • From televisions to smart-tinting glass, this is the best of CES 2018

    We are back home from CES 2018! While the event is fun and engaging, it’s also exhausting and a[...]
    lot of work! So we’re finally getting to our Best of CES 2018 post. Keep in mind that we’re a small crew and seeing the entire show is next to impossible. This Best of CES 2018 list…    
  • Totally tubular tech: 20 of the coolest products at CES 2018

    Digital Trends
    If you’ve never been to CES, you can’t truly understand it. Each year, more than 3,000 tech companies gather[...]
    to show off new and exciting products, turning the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding hotels into a massive, crazy competition for the attention (and money) of nearly 200,000 attendees.  
  • Let just the right amount of light in with Halio smart-tinting glass

    Digital Trends
    Smart homes, once a fantastical element of sci-fi stories, are quickly becoming the new normal, as ever more “smart”[...]
    appliances hit the market. With the growing popularity of digital assistants like Alexa…  
  • Smart-Tinting Glass Dazzles Prospective Tenants

    Commercial Architecture Magazine
    For Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc., a Class A property is necessary in order for its innovative tenants to[...]
    “successfully recruit and retain world-class talent and inspire productivity, efficiency, creativity, and success.” The company looks to smart technologies to deliver on its commitment to sustainability and wellness for its tenants.
  • Kinestral Halio smart-tinting glass could be the future of buildings

    Halio smart-tinting glass is so advanced that windows tint right before your eyes to provide shade and glare relief.[...]
    Whether it’s a window, skylight, or partition, Halio allows you to precisely control how much natural light to let through. Halio is fully programmable to tune with your personal preferences or data sources you specify.    
  • Innovative New Products from Greenbuild 2017

    Building Green
    Every year we walk the Greenbuild Expo floor, looking at products and talking with manufacturers to find out what[...]
    is new in the green building products world. This year’s show added vendors from the ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX), but we found some gems on both floors, including electrochromic glazing, pelletized wool insulation, and cold-climate heat-pump innovations.  
  • Innovation is called “smart-tinting glass”

    European Business Review
    The flat glass products of today are simply available in all kinds of applications. Sales people bring product samples[...]
    along to show what is new but glass is already everywhere around us in our houses’ windows, kitchens, bathrooms, in offices, meeting rooms, cars and busses, railway-stations and airports. Glass is everywhere. Known for glazing in windows with high[...]
  • What’s Hot: Trends in the Pipeline for 2018

    Every industry tracks innovations in its field, and housing is no different. As a real estate pro, here are[...]
    the need-to-know products and services promising to transform homes and your clients’ lifestyles over the next year or so.
  • AGC and Kinestral Technologies Announce Joint Ventures to Accelerate Global Adoption of Halio™ Smart-Tinting Glass

    TOKYO, HAYWARD, Calif., and TAIPEI – Dec. 8, 2017 – AGC Asahi Glass, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals,[...]
    and high-tech materials, and Kinestral Technologies, maker of Halio™ smart-tinting glass, today announced the creation of three joint venture companies that will sell, distribute, and service Halio to the global market. Formed to accelerate the adoption of Halio, the[...]
  • Kinestral Technologies Earns 2017 Architectural Product Innovation Award for Halio™ Smart-Tinting Glass

    HAYWARD, Calif.  – Kinestral Technologies, Inc., maker of Halio™, the world’s most responsive smart-tinting glass, received Architectural Products Magazine’s[...]
    2017 Product Innovation Award (PIA) in the Specialty Glazing category. Halio smart-tinting glass, which looks like ordinary glass until it tints, is an advanced daylight management system designed to harness the health benefits of natural light, maximize views, and[...]
  • Smart-tinting Glass: Finding the missing ingredient for truly smart buildings

    Construction Specifier
    Designed to dynamically respond to changing light conditions, smart windows are among the most advanced façade components. However, most[...]
    of these products do not live up to their descriptor—after all, if they are not connected to the Internet, how smart can they really be?  
  • A new age of glass

    Focus Malaysia
    Glass surfaces have always been a preferred choice for many property owners, so it is no surprise that companies[...]
    with innovative glass products are seeking to tap this growing segment. For example, interactive glass surfaces are already in daily use, especially in mobile phones, tablets and even automated teller machines but their advent onto the property scene is[...]
  • Kinestral Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Smart Glass New Product Innovation Award

    HAYWARD, Calif. – Aug. 30, 2017 — Kinestral Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of smart-tinting glass for commercial and[...]
    residential real estate, has been named the recipient of the 2017 North American Smart Glass New Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan, an internationally recognized market research, analysis, growth strategy, and corporate training firm. Frost & Sullivan cited[...]
  • Don’t Kill the Open Office Just Yet: Glass Walls can Provide Democratic Access to Light and Privacy on Demand

    A recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article highlighted the downside of the open office floorplan — disturbing news since[...]
    70% of U.S. offices spaces are now designed this way, according to the International Facility Management Association. The open floor plan is losing popularity because it can interfere with morale and the ability to focus, according to one British study[...]
  • Smart Windows Offer Flexibility, Occupant Comfort

    Facilities Net
    Whether based on sunlight or electricity and controls, smart glass shifts between clear and tinted states, offering many benefits,[...]
    including energy efficiency.  
  • Growing Panes: The rise of smart glass and how it could kill off your curtains

    Smart ovens are now a thing, as are intelligent beds, connected doorbells, and internet-enabled fridges. Everything, it seems, is now “smart” and “connected”[...]
    — and soon the windows in your home or office could be hit with the smart stick too.
  • First Installation of the World’s Most Responsive Smart-Tinting Glass Unveiled In San Francisco

    HAYWARD, Calif. – April 19, 2017 – Kinestral Technologies today unveiled the first installation of its new Halio smart-tinting[...]
    glass at Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.’s (NYSE:ARE) San Francisco office. Halio is the most responsive smart-tinting glass on the market, transitioning from clear to dark within seconds and achieving its darkest, neutral gray tint in less than three[...]
  • Smart-Tinting Windows Are Coming to an Office Near You

    We get excited anytime we see something from a Sci-Fi movie come to life in the real world –[...]
    Sci-Fi into Sci-Fact if you will. Kinestral, a company out of San Francisco, has recently launched Halio, voice-activated, smart-tinting windows.
  • South S.F. glass manufacturer inks $100M deal with Foxconn subsidiary for ‘smart glass’

    San Francisco Business Times
    South San Francisco-based Kinestral will use the new line to supplement its existing manufacturing facility in Hayward and one[...]
    in Taiwan.  
  • Bay Area’s Kinestral, View see clear future in smart windows

    San Francisco Chronicle
    Kinestral Technologies employee Craig Henricksen told the conference room windows to switch from clear to tinted. Less than five[...]
    minutes later the room got darker, without him having to move an inch or close any shades. “There’s no reason we can’t have it as simple as ordering a pizza,” said Henricksen, director of product management for the South[...]
  • Discover Halio: AGC Glass Europe’s new interactive windows and walls

    Halio™ is a smart-tinting glass that tints to shades of neutral grey to deliver sun blocking, anti-glare protection and[...]
    privacy – automatically or on demand – while looking like ordinary glass. It incorporates the latest advanced technology to deliver the world’s most powerful and responsive natural light management system. With its intuitive user interface, Halio ushers in an era[...]
  • Asahi Glass partner to produce smart glass in Taiwan

    Kinestral Technologies, a U.S.-based partner of Japan’s Asahi Glass, will invest $100 million to begin Taiwanese production of its glass[...]
    that can change color through use of electrical currents. A subsidiary of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry will assist in setting up production and sales in China. Plant construction will begin as early as March in Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan, and[...]
  • South S.F. Startup Raises $65 Million for Its Smart-Tinting Glass Technology

    South San Francisco-based Kinestral Technologies on Tuesday announced it has raised $65 million to help bring its new glass-tinting technology to[...]
    market. The Series C round was led by one of its partners, Japanese glass manufacturer AGC, with participation from new investor Hermes-Epitek and existing investors 5AM Ventures, Alexandria Venture Investments, Capricorn Investment Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and Versant Ventures.  
  • Discover Halio: AGC Glass Europe’s new interactive windows and walls

    China Glass Network
    Halio™ is a smart-tinting glass that tints to shades of neutral grey to deliver sun blocking, anti-glare protection and[...]
    privacy – automatically or on demand – while looking like ordinary glass
  • BAU 2017 Gets Its Glass On

    US Glass Magazine
    The latest in glass and glazing technology is on full display this week at BAU 2017 in Munich, Germany.[...]
    The six-day international architectural and construction trade show is being held at the Messe München in Munich, Germany. It covers nearly 2 million square feet and spans 17 halls, with much of that space dedicated exclusively to glass, glazing,[...]
  • Halio Unveiled at the BAU Trade Fair for Architecture and Materials in Munich – And It Was Magic!

      Between two buildings at the BAU Show in Munich, surrounded by snow, stands the Halio Experience Room. To a[...]
    journalist who popped in to see what the black, futuristic structure was all about, it looked like a “science lab.” And, in truth, she wasn’t too far off. In collaboration with our partner, AGC Asahi Glass, the Halio Experience Room[...]
  • Smart-tinting tech throws shade on clear glass shortfalls

    Construction Dive
    California-based Kinestral Technologies has unveiled a smart-tinting glass called Halio that provides a range of transparency from clear to[...]
    opaque that can manage interior light exposure and provide privacy, according to New Atlas.
  • Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor Works Through Glass

    PC Magazine
    As phone makers eye edge-to-edge screens and look to ditch the home button, what happens to fingerprint sensors? You[...]
    could place them on the rear of the device, like the LG V20$309.99 at eBay, but not everyone loves that solution
  • Smart-tinting glass can shade on demand or automatically

    New Atlas
    With glass an increasingly popular material for architecture, companies are experimenting with ways to balance its ability to let light in[...]
    with the need for a little privacy. Glass that tints itself on demand has cropped up in sunglasses and cars, and is beginning to creep into buildings with electrochromic windows. Now, Kinestral has unveiled a new system of smart-tinting glass called Halio, which can[...]

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