Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Selected for Renovation Project in Brussels

US Glass Magazine

Halio smart-tinting glass has been selected for use in the renovation of Gare Maritime, a turn-of-the-century commercial train station in Brussels, Belgium. It is the first large scale deployment of Halio and will be produced at Kinestral Technologies’ new high-volume factory later this year.  The factory is expected to produce several million square feet of Halio each year for the company’s projects at sizes up to 10 feet tall. “Gare Maritime is the first of several orders to come this year,” says Craig Henricksen, vice president of marketing for Kinestral Technologies, the maker of Halio smart-tinting technologies.The Gare Maritime project was secured by Halio International, one of the joint venture companies formed by Kinestral Technologies and AGC to be the exclusive providers of Halio smart-tinting glass to the building industry…