Halio’s smart-tinting glass system gives unprecedented control over natural light

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HALIO Smart-Tinting Glass System can help bring the benefits of natural light to healthcare and wellbeing projects

Natural light is an essential ingredient to life and vital for our wellbeing. We tend to gravitate towards sources of natural light in our workplaces, our social and our living spaces. This is why glass is such a compelling element in many great architectural creations. Many worldwide studies demonstrate the benefits of natural light on health and wellbeing:

  • Encourages the wellbeing of patients and how they perceive their stay in the health facility
  • Reduces the average length of stay by four days*
  • Reduces stress: 22% less analgesic medication per hour*
  • Reduces the risk of nosocomial infections: 92% of curtains show contamination within one week*
  • Reduces the risk of depression*
  • Improves the working conditions of medical professionals
  • Increases performances and wakefulness with 22% fewer errors*
  • Helps to reduce the absenteeism rate by 5%*
  • Contributes to a better perception of work and the working environment*
  • Facilitates patients’ monitoring
  • Optimises the building’s energy efficiency.

Halio’s groundbreaking innovation transforms health care facilities, hospitals, doctor’s offices and pharmacies into modern, relaxing, connected spaces and pleasant sanctuaries of natural light.

This technology allows the occupants to harness the benefits of natural light by providing them with full control of the daylight.

Halio is a smart-tinting glass system that delivers unprecedented control over penetrating natural light, without the need for blinds, shading systems, or other forms of invasive protection, providing an optimal level of living for patients and working comfort for the medical team.

Halio transitions from clear to dark in three minutes, and can be interrupted at any level of transparency. It is very easy to use thanks to its smart cloud connected control system which enables automatic, proactive and predictive control options.

On façade application, like windows or skylights, Halio blocks the glare of direct sunlight and reduces the amount of solar energy, all while preserving the vital connection with the outside environment.

On interior applications, such as partitions for hospital rooms, surgical units or paediatric services, Halio drastically reduces the risk of nosocomial infections usually conveyed through curtains. In addition, it facilitates patient monitoring by offering internal near-privacy when required by the patient or the medical team.

Halio, a must-have for any outstanding facility!

For more details on how you can gain full control of your natural daylight, please get in touch and book your RIBA-assessed CPD, call Jason Gilbard, Halio Country Manager UK & Ireland on +44 7912 243 915

* References available upon request.